Our Achievements

Continuous achievements in Deidin's career

  • Establishing a department dedicated to providing engineering and decorative design services to Deidin clients


    In order to serve the company's clients and develop the services it provides to them, Deidin has established a special department to provide engineering consultancy and decoration designs.

  • Launching a new investment portfolio


    Coinciding with the beginning of 2020, Deidin announced a new investment portfolio managed by the company's investment department.

  • Celebrating the success of Arab investment in Turkey


    In 2019, Deidin called for a celebration of the success of Arab investment in Turkey in the presence of Turkish government officials, 180 Arab and Turkish businessmen, and more than 80 companies.

  • Signing the first cooperative protocol between an Arab company and a Turkish bank


    Deidin signed a cooperation protocol with the Islamic Bank (Turkey Finance), which facilitates opening an account and investing for the company's clients.

  • Complete an investment portfolio worth 40 Turkish Lira


    Deidin has completed an investment portfolio of 40 million Turkish Lira as the first step the company will take in 2019.

  • Deidin launched a brand offering marketing and media solutions: Demark


    With the expansion of the marketing team of Deidin, and the intense competition in the real estate market, Demark Marketing and Media Solutions started with a vision of the bridge between the Turkish and Arab markets, to enter the competition in this field.

  • Attracting 100 million Turkish liras during the second half of 2018


    Deidin attracted foreign investments to Turkey during the second half of 2018, which is worth 100 million Turkish Liras.

  • Привлечение 100 миллионов турецких лир во второй половине 2018 года 31-12-2018


    Дейдин привлек иностранные инвестиции в Турцию во второй половине 2018 года на сумму 100 миллионов турецких лир.