Turkey’s 2023 Vision... Istanbul has become a role player

written at 28-02-2020

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Turkey’s 2023 Vision... Istanbul has become a role player


Istanbul player a major role in achieving the 2023 vision of Turkey, in which this city is considered the backbone of the economy and tourism in the country, as it increases Turkey’s strength and presence locally and internationally.

Istanbul has contributed majorly to achieving new records in the number of the Turkish exports, its airports are the first recipient of tourists visiting Turkey, in addition to the projects that Istanbul holds, as they contribute in making Turkey join the top 10 economies in the world, and in this article, we will go through the most important points the goals that the 2023 vision put:


  • In 2023 Istanbul will be the city for those looking for happiness in the world, its successful and creative economy has affected the world, and a unique environment for the success of investments and to those willing to release their abilities and achieving their dreams.
  • Istanbul 2023 is the center of the East and the West, where the relationships with the entire worlds are more developed.
  • In 2023, all sectors with added values and high income such as finance, tourism, logistics, health and education in Istanbul will play a major role, which will make Turkey a strategic player in the global economy, these sectors will be characterized by regional dynamics supported by the national policies.
  • Istanbul which aims to be one of the financial centers, financial services play a vital role in the overall performance of the Turkish economy, by ensuring the effectiveness of financing techniques, which creates an increase in income and increases the opportunities for employment, Turkey has gathered a lot in the financial services field to become the financial center, therefore The IFC Istanbul project must be fully implemented.
  • Istanbul will become an active and strategic destination within the vision’s time-frame, import-based manufacturing doesn’t only focus on increasing the export revenue, but to lower the deficit in foreign trade, and it also creates job opportunities and great income with the export sectors.
  • Turkey’s 2023 vision will adopt a strategic growth plan, that relies on exports that increases its share from the world exports from 0.8% to 1.5% in 2023. Half of Turkey's exports are from Istanbul alone.
  • Given that products with low quality and low-tech will also make low returns, it cannot maintain competitiveness in the long run, Istanbul will work on taking advantage of this dynamic and increase the number of high-quality products, services, and highly intensive technology.
  • In order to increase the number of exports, small and medium-size companies which form a large proportion of Istanbul’s economy need to ease the internationalization of local companies in order to create a competitive feature that reaches global markets, especially products that are facing difficulty in entering foreign markets.


The goals of Turkey’s 2023 vision in Istanbul

  • Attract local and global investments that create growth and jobs so Istanbul won’t carry any burdens, especially investments that support priority sectors in Istanbul
  • Plan to make investments more attractive and improve the quality of Bureaucratic service units.
  • Direct investors coming to Istanbul to the best investment areas and facilitate the information for them.
  • Increase the number of investments through enhancing the nature of global investment in Istanbul and support global cooperation.
  • Ensure the transfer of international companies from their regional centers to Istanbul.
  • Improve the quality of life in Istanbul to attract local, global, creative, and qualified manpower.
  • Provide investors with attractive investment areas, free zones, technoparks, and specialized areas.
  • Increase the private sector’s share in investments in Istanbul, and support the development of the private sector in general investment projects.
  • To create a safe and predictable environment in Istanbul where investors and the workforce feel safe, with a secure capital, and intellectual and industrial property.
  • Widely spread the skills of foreign languages in the society and increase the skills of professional foreign language.
  • Conduct international equivalency studies for the current workforce.
  • Reducing the informal economy method, and preventing unfair competition and loss of income in order to improve the investment environment in Istanbul
  • Improving the transportation and technology infrastructure to improve the investment environment in Istanbul.
  • In line with the development of Istanbul as a financial center, all investments in the infrastructure and the superstructure have been completed in order to enhance the structure of the financial sector and its competitive ability in Istanbul, and the implementation of the IFC project.
  • Focusing on tourism investments and making sure Istanbul is the trademark and center of attraction with a high level of competitiveness with the global tourism centers.
  • Enhancing the infrastructure and the services of the transportation sectors and logistics in Istanbul and increasing the global competitiveness ability, Including the goal of Istanbul being an international transport hub, repair and maintenance.
  • Establishing higher education institutes in Istanbul as a global center to attract qualified students and academics by providing high-quality educational and research facilities in accordance with international standards.
  • Increasing investments in medical tourism and the health and research development in Istanbul, and increase the health sector’s competitive ability and make Istanbul the global center in this field.
  • Increase the competitive ability in the Information and Communication Technology field.