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KayaShehir Istanbul area ... for those looking for relaxation, entertainment and treatment

written at 28-02-2020

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KayaShehir Istanbul area ... for those looking for relaxation, entertainment and treatment


KayaSheir is one of the developed areas in Istanbul that is witnessing daily development and growth with large projects and the increasing demand on it from those looking to buy properties in Istanbul.

KayaShehir is also witnessing the construction of a medical city considered as one of the largest medical cities in Europe, its main building is considered as one of the most earthquake-resistant buildings in the world.

The area includes the New Istanbul Square, which is twice the size of the Taksim Square, it is made special through a metro station built near it (Under Construction).

The Turkish President has officially opened the KayaShehir Botanical Garden that includes various types of flowers, it also has a lake in its center.

A Strategic Location

The BashakShehir municipality related area is most viewed by its strategic location which is close to all highways that connect Istanbul to both of its Asian and European sides, what makes it special is the fact that it is a quite area, away from the loud noises, and traffic, which adds to it more privacy and independence.

KayaShehir also contains many large projects which will transform it into a central point in Istanbul in which people will want to go to for entertainment, treatment, or to be close to the new Istanbul Square.

A Bright Future

Many construction companies have put all their focus and investments in KayaShehir, especially the government-related company “TOKI” which shows the shift of interest of the government in this particular area.

KayaShehir is considered as one of the areas affected by the opening of the New Istanbul Airport, as real estate prices have started to be on the rise in BashakShehir because of how close the area is to the new airport.

KayShehir will become the new center of Istanbul with its modern projects, its streets and urban organizing, the new medical city, and the metro and buses lines.

What makes KayaShehir a special area is its near location to the new Istanbul Canal, which is based on the Turkey 2023 vision, which is considered the project of the era and one of the largest projects in the region.



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