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Things You Should Know before Buying Properties in Turkey

written at 22-01-2020

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Things You Should Know before Buying Properties in Turkey

Buying a property on your own could be a very difficult process, not to mention buying a property in a foreign country, as it requires a thorough research into the laws and extensive knowledge of the real estate market before buying it, to choose then what suits you best, and if you are looking to buy real estate properties in Turkey, this article will present to you the advice you need before actually buying, and the importance of these tips comes from the experience (DEIDIN Real Estate and Investments) that keen on the success of your investment in Turkey and helps you complete the buying process safely, easily and quickly.


What are the tips that DEIDIN Real Estate & Investment provide to those interested in buying properties in Turkey?

  1. You must have a clear vision

Before purchasing your house, experts at DEIDIN advise you to have a clear vision when it comes to what you want from this property, and what are the reasons for your purchase in Turkey

  • Are you looking for a summer home near the beach and under the warm sun?
  • Are you thinking of moving to Turkey after retirement and living your life there?
  • Are you planning on buying a property for investment?
  • Are you thinking of working in Turkey?
  • Are you looking to gain the Turkish citizenship through buying a property?

All these questions can help you reach the goal of buying a property in Turkey.

  1. Think of the type of the property

You now have a clear view of the reasons you would want to own a property in Turkey, you may now think of the property type that you want to buy according to your reason to move, for example:

  • Summer Home (Seasons or holidays or accommodation away from the bustle of the city).
  • A big or small house is related to the number of the family members (big or small family).
  • The desire to choose a property that is close to work (the property type could be useless to you at this point).
  • Your children or pets (you might prefer a house with a garden to enjoy it).

For that we advise you to choose the type or property that best suits you.

  1. Make a decision about the site location

After making the decision regarding the type of the property, you need to take a decision regarding the location of it.

 This step is also related to the 2 previous steps that we’ve mentioned, if you were looking for a summer home, you could want it to be in the country side of Turkey where it usually contains wide sunny views and overlooking a lake, sea, beach, or plain.

However, if you have work, you would need to move to the bigger cities like Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, or Bursa, you can always choose a property close to your workplace to make life easier for you.

After knowing the suitable city for you, you need to find the best areas in this city for you in specifics, every area has something special related to it whether you would like to live in a luxury area, or in a quiet neighborhood, or next to the sea.

We advise you to take a tour in the areas that you are thinking of moving into to know if the location is suitable for you or not, every area has its positives and negatives, for that you can focus on the matters that you think are of importance to you.

  1. Choose your Real Estate consultant

In order to remain on the safe side, we advise you to choose a real estate and investment company that has a consulting team, we do not exaggerate in describing these companies as (heroes) in the process of buying a property in a foreign country, they help you avoid many problems in the long run, there are many similar companies in Turkey, always choose a reliable company to help you complete the buying process to the fullest extent, and we at DEIDIN Real Estate and Investments, are one of these companies as we have strong partnerships with the major Turkish construction companies that have many and large projects in different regions of Istanbul and all the Turkish states "with the guarantee of the Turkish government", and we have a professional team that responds to all your inquiries through our website and all available means of communication, provides you with advice, informs you about the potential investment return for any real estate opportunity, land or project you wish to invest in, and also helps you in the necessary legal procedures to obtain the "Turkish citizenship" through real estate investment.


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